Image Consultancy

Troika provides complete solution in building up the corporate Image of an executive from top to bottom. It is the most comprehensive image consulting company providing the services to the employee working in different organizations may it be Private Companies, Educational Institution, Healthcare, IT Industries, Tourism and Travel, Airline or any other Industries. We research the client's requirement and customize the program and service to deliver extraordinary results that meet and exceed the expectations.

Troika is known for its proficiency in image education, non-verbal communication through right kind of clothing, business casual issues and solutions, self-branding, personal and professional style, visual design and wardrobing for all life-cycle stages.

After contributing huge expertise in building the images in corporate world, men and women professional set their own rules to become more confident in their personal and professional roles.

Troika is proud of their contribution in the life of corporate professional who are not only highly successful but also have created a tremendous balance between expectation and achievement.