Company Formation

We are a one-stop solution provider as far as company formation is considered. At Troika, we offer complete solution to the companies in Europe and well as middle east who want to start their operation and establish their Brand In India. Be it company formation, Operational solution, Brand building, Sales and Marketing solution, Digital marketing or Distribution network solution, we at Troika can offer you the best service for successful implementation.

Our professional team accepts every challenges from the beginning of the operation till end. We provide the following services to our clients for their Indian Operation.

  • Establishing the office as per the requirement of the clients.
  • Recruiting the manpower.
  • Providing the training.
  • Setting up the operational department.
  • Procuring the necessary permission and statutory requirements as per the Government of India.
  • Looking after the entire marketing operation.
  • Positioning the brand.
  • Conducting the exhibitions and presentations.

We offer the services on retainer ship basis as well as project to project depending upon the specific requirement of the customer. We are highly professional in setting up our prime goal to offer a hassle free solution to our customer as per their time line.

Our team have successfully established the following brand in India.

Humberto Fiacco       Spain,
1-focus                    Germany